Mike Youngquist officially files for divorce from Natalie Mordovtseva

 After three years of marriage, Mike Youngquist has filed for divorce from Natalie Mordovtseva. Season 7 of 90 Day Fiancé was the couple's debut on the show. Fans immediately noticed a red flag when Natalie told Mike she didn't love him but still wanted to marry him and move to the United States. Their relationship remained tumultuous throughout the season, and it didn't improve much in subsequent seasons, including 90 Day Fiancé season 8 and Happily Ever After season 6.

On December 5th, 2023, 37-year-old Mike Youngquist filed for divorce from his 38-year-old Ukrainian wife, Natalie Mordovtseva, based on a court docket obtained by the reputable American celebrity gossip magazine InTouch Weekly. Uncle Beau Lawrence confirmed that Natalie had left Mike and their home in Sequim, Washington, in 2021 and had no intention of returning.

Natalie and Mike were not on good terms when she arrived in the United States on a K-1 visa. Her selfish and snobby behavior made it clear that she was after a green card, not love. Nevertheless, Natalie tried everything she could to win Mike over and convince him to marry her.

During her first year in the US, she created severe confrontations with Mike and his mom, only for her to use her manipulative ways to urge Mike to forgive her. The show's fans were so confused and disappointed when they saw her on the single life season 3. During that time, Mike kept financially supporting Natalie while she was living in another State and dating other men; however, the news of their divorce will definitely make the show fans happy.

On the new 4th season of The Single Life, Natalie's mom escaped the war zone and made it to the United States, thanks to Mike, who agreed to sponsor her visa. As helping her was not enough, Natalie further exploited Mike by convincing him to help bring her mother to America. The Ukrainian woman used Mike's enormous heart and compassion towards her mother to achieve her goals. After being dumped by Josh, she pretended to still be in love with Mike so he could take her back and support her and her mother. Natalie has consistently taken advantage of Mike, who has been her ticket to her American dream. After their divorce is finalized, this situation will come to an end.