Liz's new man is confusing her fans, is he her new boyfriend or brother?

 In the last couple of months, we've been telling our readers that Big Ed and Liz are a fake couple, and we were right. When they were filming for The First season of The Single Life, that was the only time their relationship was real. After that, every time Big Ed and Liz came back to a new show, they did it as a fake couple.

It's a fact that Big Ed Brown will do anything for fame and clout. Last month, he had a live Q&A session with his fans on Instagram, and when asked about Liz, he confirmed that they were still together. Obviously, That was a lie, since the pair were not even living in the same state, No neck Ed stayed in Arkansas, while Liz and her daughter moved to San Diego, California. Beside that, the show fans spotted Ed's active dating profile multiple times, and Liz kept posting Instagram stories of all of her date nights with her new man.

Despite her many Story posts, the reality tv star never showed her new boyfriend's face. Twitter user "Shab00ty" who is obsessed with Liz and actually met her in real life, recently posted a selfie picture of Liz and her new boyfriend, and he wrote as a caption:" Yes I’m confirming that’s Liz’s new boyfriend, (I knew this before most ppl, when he DM’d me out the blue a week ago) but I know how to pick friendship over clicks!!! and no I’m not upset!".

That selfie picture is a proof that Big Ed has been dragging Liz to be on reality tv with him, and was going to keep doing it, and keep lying as long as he could. Liz apparently had enough, and didn't want to waste more years of her life stressing about her NDA and being in a fake relationship.

The 90 day fiancé fans were always disappointed to see Liz running back to Big Ed, each time they had a break up. Now that Liz has finally moved on with her life, and met a man close to her age, and who actually has a neck, she can finally be happy and focus on her private life away from the reality TV cameras.