Liz's new man exposed for being a serial cheater

 It was rumored that Liz Woods and Big Ed Brown have broken up by the end of October 2023. Since then, Liz moved back to San Diego, California and immediately started dating again. Her new guy, who is close to her age and actually has a neck is no longer a "mystery man", seeing that their selfie together was all over the internet, in the last couple of weeks.

Many 90 day fiancé fans were so happy that Liz is no longer with Ed, because their relationship was so toxic on and off the screen. They called her new man "an upgrade", however, that good first impression won't last long, after they discover how he treated his exes before and after meeting Liz.

Back in November 2023, Liz started posting Instagram stories of her date nights with Jayson almost every week. Then, In January 2024, Jason's face was revealed and a selfie picture of him and Liz started circulating the web. According to 90 day fiancé blogger "mac.and.chisme", Jayson is a 29 year old Hispanic man who lives in San Diego. He's a Navy veteran, who is currently working as a navy instructor. Liz and Jayson have many things in common, they are both single parents who loves the outdoors and running marathons.

In a recent Instagram reel, the reality tv blogger confessed that she's no longer a fan of the new couple, and won't be calling Liz's new man "an upgrade" anymore. After she had a conversation with Jayson's ex girlfriend, she discovered that he's a serial cheater, who will probably move to his next victim once the honeymoon phase between him and Liz is over.

The ex girlfriend claimed that she was dating Jayson for over a year, up until early November 2023. In the same month, Liz was publicly dating the guy, who was still in a relationship with his ex. Jayson didn't inform his "former girlfriend" that they were done, instead she had to learn about his new relationship the hard way, after she saw pictures of him and Liz on social media. Jayson was living a double life, one night he goes out with Liz, and the next one he tells his former girlfriend how much he loved her, and that he he's doing his best to make things work between them. Allegedly, Jayson packed his ex girlfriend things and kicked her out from his house so that Liz can move in with him.

Liz woods was married and divorced twice. One of her ex husbands was a wife-beater, and she was also abused by Big Ed, and now she's dating a serial cheater. Her dating history proves that the 30 year old is so overly trusting and naïve, which is why she always ends up with bad men.