Kimberly reveals why she doesn't want to live with TJ in the United States

 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way stars, Kimberly Rochelle and Tejaswi “TJ” Goswami saw each other in a dream, before deciding to meet in real life. On the fifth season of the show, the pair got married and decided to stay in India, however, Kimberly was depressed and didn't adapt very well to her new life. The American even hinted at a divorce during the Tell-All, but based on her social media activities, she's still married to her Indian husband, and even helped him to get a tourist visa, so he could come and spend the Holidays with her, her family and friends in the United States.

TJ shocked many of the show fans, when he began posting multiple Instagram photos and videos of his and Kimberly's outdoor activities in the United States. Kimberly Rochelle was acting cryptic about the future of her marriage, by the end of the Tell All, however, behind the scenes, everything was going great between the couple, and they got it all figured out.

During many of Kimberley's live stream Q&A sessions on Instagram, a lot of the show fans kept asking about her future living situation with TJ. Many Instagram users told her to bring her Indian husband to the US on a spousal visa. Since everyone saw on the show how miserable she was living close to her in Indian in-laws, bringing TJ to the US for good seemed like a good suggestion for many.

Apparently, Kimberly didn't like or appreciate those suggestions, and she posted an Instagram story with a caption:" Please stop telling me and TJ that he should move to the US. It's not what either of us want right now". Kimberley's recent statement hinted that she may return to India, and try to adjust better to the Indian culture this time, because living with TJ in the United States is not what she and her husband want at the moment.