Kalani's new man answers to haters, who criticized him for raising Asuelu's kids

 It's a fact that most men are against the idea of raising other men's kids, especially if they still don't have their own. Kalani Faagata's new man however doesn't mind, and he keeps using his Instagram stories to show the world, that he has a great relationship with Asuelu's kids, and doesn't mind taking care of them.

Dallas Nuez is already getting criticized by the show fans, despite Kalani's attempts to keep him out of the spotlights. After she discovered that her Samoan husband was a serial cheater, Kalani decided to divorce Asuelu and claimed that she was dating a new man called Dallas, who is now defending his relationship with her and her children.

A week ago, Dallas posted an Instagram story from his last vacation trip to Disneyland, with Kalani and her two sons Oliver, and Kennedy. He sat on a carousel ride's horse, with the boys on either side riding their own horses. Dallas had covered his face with the laughing emoji because for some personal reason, Kalani doesn't want anyone to recognize his face.

An Instagram user who got offended by Dallas's recent social media post, decided to express his opinion. He sent Kalani's man a direct message that says:"  Why do you keep posted w/ Asuelos boys... you can't show your face but you keep posting pics showing your with his kids ... clearly you just doing it to f**k with him ... post your own kids not another man's kids". The show fan is obviously "team Asuelu", and felt that Dallas was rubbing his happiness in Asuelu's face using his kids.

Dallas acted unbothered by the hater's comment, and jokingly said that he won't be able to sleep at night, now that a random person on the Internet is trying to tell him how he should live his life.

It was during the first season of 90 Day: The Last Resort, when Kalani revealed some details about her romance with Dallas for the first time. Back then, it was still unclear whether the pair were still together. However, after the show finale, Kalani changed her Instagram profile photo to a new selfie, that supposedly contained part of Dallas' face, implying that they were still together.

Kalani and Dallas have been continuously posting about her relationship, trips and date nights on their Instagram stories. On the other hand, Asuelu has been social media silent since the end of the Last Resort. The 28 year old Samoan only posted a couple of old pictures of him playing golf with his buddies in Las Vegas. In his last post on Instagram, he wished his son Oliver a happy birthday.