David is asking his fans for a sum of $150k USD

 David and Sheila from Before The 90 Days season 6 have not yet been reunited in the United States. They've been experiencing repeated delays and uncertainty, while waiting for Sheila's K-1 visa to be approved. Despite being a fan favorite, David's recent decision has left many of the show fans feeling uncomfortable. On the one hand, everyone loves him and Sheila, and wants them to be together in the US as fast possible, but on the other hand, people didn't appreciate David's sense of entitlement, and the GoFundMe campaign that he started recently, in which, he was asking his fans to donate a sum of $150K USD, to help him buy his dream house.

This is the second time David gets some backlash from the show fans. A month ago, he posted an Instagram picture asking his followers, to help him choose between a PS5 and an Xbox Series X. The reality tv cast member works two jobs, and claimed to be so busy to make the research and chose for himself. Unfortunately, many people didn’t like his post and called him out. An Instagram user wrote:" Shouldn’t you be saving for your family that’s coming? Just saying", while another one added:" Instead, read a book to keep yourself occupied".

The Nebraska man's GoFundMe page was created yesterday, and it was not well received by the 90 day fiance fans. On the donation page, you can see that people already donated around $4k USD. David wrote a long paragraph asking his fans to help him raise money, to buy a home for him, his fiancé and her son. He confessed that it was his dream to live in a home with his family, however, he's hesitant because he worries that his job and current salary will not allow him to apply for a mortgage.

Most of the comments under the social media post were cruel and judgmental. One of the show fans wrote:" Maybe you should move on and date other American I’m very sorry", and another one sarcastically added:" I want someone to buy me a home too". What's confusing is that many people asked David to start a GoFundMe campaign before, to help bring Sheila to the United States, and now that he started one, the same people turned on him. It's possible that no one expected him to ask for such a large sum, and that's what triggered people the most. Add to that, on the GoFundMe page, he wrote a long paragraph asking people for money without writing a single "Thank you".