Darcey Silva is showing off her wrinkle free beauty, after her recent split from Georgi

 On November 11th of last year, Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev had a secret wedding. Their Toxic past with each other suggested that they won't be married for long, and that's what exactly happened. Despite being in a rocky relationship after another, Darcey didn't forget that her real love is herself, and her real passions are plastic surgeries and beauty treatments.

The Silva twins almost never pay for things from their own pockets. One of the perks of being a social media influencer with over one million followers on Instagram is that businesses will give you free stuff and treatments, and in return, you have to promote those businesses to your social media fans, and give them shout-outs.

Recently, "4beautymedspa" offered Darcey free Botox injections, and of course the reality tv star accepted the offer with pleasure, since she's no stranger to such treatments. Darcey posted an Instagram story and tagged the medical spa Instagram page, while claiming that their service was her "best experience ever".

Darcey Silva also added a caption to the story posts that says:" I’m a beautiful Botox babe", as if that was something to be proud about. The 90 day fiancé fans, who are active on the "DarceyAndStaceyTLC" sub-Reddit still don't understand why the reality TV star is using excessive filters, despite the hundreds of surgeries and treatments that she's gone through in the last 20 years. A Reddit user commented under Darcey's Instagram story repost:" What a weirdo. She’s so deformed, delusional, desperate and filtered. Get help lady and get off of social media", while another one added:" Is there a point when you face is so full of injectable’s, there’s no room to add more?!? This seems painful to me… Iike your face would feel so tight and full".

The 49 year old may think that she has real fans, but the reality is most of the people who are following her social media accounts are only there to make fun of her, or to leave hate comments.