Darcey and Georgi split, only two months after they got married

 On November 11th of last year, Darcey and Georgi got married, however, they did not have a big wedding, because the Darcey and Stacey spin off show wasn't renewed for a fifth season. Since the TLC checks weren't coming anymore, the reality tv couple decided not to spend a lot of money, and tied the knot in a small and a private ceremony, with their close friends and family members.

According to their social media activities, it seems that Darcey and Georgi are no longer together. This doesn't come as a shock to many of the show fans, as no one expected their marriage to last, because Darcey Silva is just exhausting, and being with her is a full time job, that no man can handle for a long period of time.

Recently, Darcey went to Instagram, and posted a reel in which she was moving her head left and right like a psychopath, who is seeking for attention, and she wrote as a caption:" I’m strong and loving me! I’m my own soulmate!".

Darcey's cryptic text, and Georgi changing his Instagram profile from public to private made the fans think that the couple has split. The same post was shared on Reddit, and many of the show fans on the social media platform started to have some theories, about what really happened between the reality TV couple. A Reddit user said:" Maybe their whole marriage was a desperate attempt to get back on TLC, it didn't work, so they're no longer business partners.", and another one replied:" That sounds about right KMAO I think Georgie heard there was no next season and said BUHBYE".

Faking a relationship is something that reality tv people have done before, in order to get back on TV, however, faking a wedding is another level of clout chasing. It's understandable why TLC has cancelled the Darcey and Stacey spin off, since it was rated only 2.9/10 on IMDB and it's one of their worst shows.