All the signs that Gino and Jasmine broke up after the show ended

 Over the last decade, the 90 day fiancé franchise has become a star building machine. Most of the cast members, who joined the show for the first time were regular people, before being turned into reality tv stars, with large social media followings, thanks to the massive popularity of the reality tv show.

The cast members who get recalled to be on another season are usually the most controversial ones, who left a big impact during their first season on the show. Gino and Jasmine may not be a fan favorite couple, however, they  have over a half million Instagram followers between them, and they are the type of people who will play along if the show producers asked them to do or say something.

On the 10th season of 90 Day Fiancé, most of the show fans found it hard to take Gino and Jasmine's story line seriously, because most of their drama is obviously scripted. Based on Jasmine's recent social media activities, it started to feel like the couple has parted ways, not so long after they ended filming for the show.

According to InTouch magazine, the TLC couple got married on the 23rd of June 2023, during a wedding ceremony. From that point on, things started to go south between them. The pair are not following each other on Instagram anymore, and jasmine removed all of her pictures with Gino from her Instagram account. The crazy Panamanian probably blocked her American husband, since she did it plenty of times before, whenever they had a big fight.

On her recent January social media posts, Jasmine was not wearing her expensive engagement ring, which we saw Gino give to her, on 90 Day Finacé season 10 episode 13. As a new bride, you expect her to proudly wear her engagement and wedding rings all the times, but that is not the case with Jasmine.

The 37 year old's recent Instagram stories reveal that she has been spending a lot of time in New York. Jasmine appears to be establishing her own vegan brand, now that she has likely obtained a work visa following her wedding. Jasmine can be good at hiding secrets, after all, she was effective in concealing her current location for several months while in the United States. Because of her NDA, she may give more updates about her personal life  in the future, once the 90 Day Fiancé season 10 Tell All episodes are filmed and aired.