After breaking up with Liz, Big Ed speaks about his new girlfriend and how they met

 After a picture of Liz with her new boyfriend was publicly released on social media, there was no reason for Big Ed to continue lying about his fake relationship with her, in order to be cast again on the show as a fake couple. Both cast members have been dragging their fake relationship and storyline for so long, which made many of the show fans complain and skip their scenes, because most them already know that they were not a real couple.

During the Bigo awards, Big Ed was asked by an interviewer about his opinion about the Bigo live app, which is popular free live stream app and platform, that allows its users to watch great live streams, enjoy live game streaming, live chat and even become influencers. While giving his honest opinion about the streaming platform, Big Ed revealed that he actually met somebody on the app, and she spent the new year eve with him.

It's hard to believe anything that Big Ed says these days, because we know that he will lie through his teeth just to secure a spot on any TLC reality tv show. According to him and Liz, when they were "seriously dating", they had broken up 13 times, before they finally decided to seek couples therapy, to overcome their relationship problems. Surprisingly, on the new spin off show 90 Day The Last Resort, they were the pair with the lowest troubles in their relationship, and Big Ed even proposed to Liz on the finale and she said "Yes".  They planned to get married in Arkansas back in August 2023, and a copy of their wedding invitation was leaked online, however, from the look of it, that wedding never happened.

After the Last Resort finale was aired, Big Ed's Bumble dating profile was spotted many times by the show fans, and that was the first hint of his split from Liz. At the Bigo Gala 2024, Big Ed told the interviewer that he's loving the app a lot, and his favorite moment on the platform was when he met someone, and she came to spend the new year's eve with him. Big Ed and Liz officially broke up and already started dating other people #90dayfiance #90dayfiancenews #90dayfianceoftiktok #90dayfiancetea #90dayfiancegossip ♬ original sound - 90dayfiance news and gossips

Big Ed's answer confirmed that he's completely done with Liz. His ex left Arkansas and is currently living in San Diego, California, and if you follow her on Instagram @e_92_marie, you will see her posting stories of her date nights with her new man almost every week.