After being denied entry into Canada, Debbie moves in with Larissa in Las Vegas

 The new year started terribly for Debbie Johnson and her Canadian boyfriend Tony Starcevich. After being misled by false information, Debbie was stopped by the Canadian border officers, who didn't allow her to re-enter the country, because her temporary residency has expired, before she filed for her permanent one. Debbie relocated all of her wardrobe and belongings to Tony's home in Canada, so being forced to stay in the US with nothing is the worse of what could happen to her right now. Surprisingly, her ex daughter in law Larissa Lima offered to help her out, until her immigration situation is fixed.

Unlike many of the franchise's newer couples, Debbie and Tony have been able to maintain their relationship. Debbie thought Tony's home was creepy when she initially moved in, because of his "Satanic decorations", however, she got used to it later on. She might have missed her life and old friends in Las Vegas, where she used to live with her obese son Colt and their numerous cats, but based on her social media activities, the 70 year old quickly adapted to her new life in Canada.

Debbie Johnson went to Instagram asking for prayers from her fans. She posted a picture with a long text saying that she was turned down by the Canadian border, so she had to go back to Las Vegas, until her permanent residency is filed. Debbie blamed her misfortune on people who gave her "bad information", which made her delay applying for her permanent residency.

Colt's mom used her Instagram post's caption to express further, how she was feeling about her current situation. She indirectly blamed the Canadian border services for being heartless, and confessed:" It’s ironic, two old people find love in there early 70’s and all they want is to be together. Spend their remaining years together. They choose Canada. But now they say Nope you can’t come in until your paperwork is filed. Laws are Laws, but once in a while there is that time when you can say. 'You know what, we will give you a little extra time to file those papers. How about 30 days' But laws are laws".

Larissa Lima, who recently moved back to Las Vegas saw Debbie's Instagram post and offered to host her at her home. It was an unexpected nice gesture from Colt's ex, especially that the two women had a very toxic relationship in the past, back when Larissa came to the US on a k-1 visa to live with Colt and his mom.