A private and cuddly picture of Daniele and Yohan is disturbing their fans

 Daniele and Yohan from The Other Way season 5 had numerous challenges and disagreements, especially after they got married. They may not be a couple anymore after the recent Tell All, however, they will try to make it as friends or at least as business partners, because Daniele always wants to have a good relationship with her exes.

Last week, many 90 day fiancé fan pages on Facebook, Instagram and Reddit shared an old picture of the reality TV couple, which was too cuddly and made many of the show fans feeling uncomfortable and disgusted after seeing it.

Love is a beautiful thing, and people have done worse behind closed doors, but since Daniele was not a fan favorite when she was on the show, seeing her in such position was not well received by the show fans.

One of the 90 Day Fiancé fans who posted this picture was Reddit user "mamamiaa7". She uploaded a picture of Daniele and Yohan is an int*mate position and wrote as a caption:" Since I had to see this so do you".
Since I had to see this so do you
byu/mamamiaa7 in90dayfianceuncensored

Many Reddit users who were scrolling their feed peacefully felt annoyed, when the reality TV couple's cuddly picture showed up unannounced in front of their eyes, without even being blurred or marked as a "NSFW: not safe for work" post. A Reddit user commented under the post:" I hate being forced to look at people’s feet", and another one added:" How dare you make me look at this with my own eyes". The original poster was criticized by other Reddit users in the community. Most of the comments under the post were sarcastic, and claimed that this picture, which no one asked for was making them feel unwell.

After their honeymoon phase ended, Daniele and Yohan discovered that they had nothing in common. They didn't have the same beliefs, and the pair also has a significant age gap. Daniele is more experienced in life than Yohan, and they appeared to be at different stages in their life. No one really knows the truth about Daniele's promise to Yohan. Whether she promised to bring him to the United States or not, nevertheless, that was the main reason why they split. By marrying an older American woman, Yohan expected her to bring him to the US, or to make him live like a king in his country and buy him houses, cars and gifts.