Vanessa shares some very bad news about Colt's recent surgery

 Back in December 2022, Colt Johnson was involved in a terrible trampoline accident, while filming for the first season of The Last Resort. His broken leg and torn meniscus didn't fully recover to this day, despite having multiple major surgeries to get them fixed. Despite Colt being social media silent during the last 2 years, his wife Vanessa has been giving life updates to the show fans, using her Instagram stories.

Despite the fact, that Colt Johnson was in the worst shape of his life a year ago, The Last Resort's producer still thought that it was a good idea, to make him jump on a trampoline. Colt's leg injury caused many complications, involving a dislocated and broken leg, a torn meniscus, and internal issues caused by a large amount of pain medication.

Last week, Vanessa posted a new picture of her husband on a hospital bed as a story, and she wrote as a caption:" Had a complication with surgery #4 a couple of weeks ago so now we're on to surgery #5".

Being part of the 90 day fiancé franchise was like a curse for Colt, it destroyed his public image, health and finances, on the other hand, it did good for his mother Debbie, who's living her happily ever after with her Canadian boyfriend Tony,

Vanessa and Colt have decided, that they will never return to the show ever again. In an old Instagram story post, Vanessa claimed that the Sharp Corporation, who owns TLC doesn't care or value its employees, and think that they are all replaceable. Which is exactly what happened, when Colt and Vanessa couldn't continue filming for the new show, their contracts got terminated, and Sharp didn't help them with the medical bills or made calls to check on Colt. Instead, they replaced them with Molly and Kelly on The Last Resort, like nothing happened.

Since Vanessa and Colt were going to be on couple therapy on The Last Resort, it means they had some serious issues between them, which needed professional help to be solved. However, they may have gotten closer as a result of Colt's accident, and hopefully, this will make them value and appreciate each other better than before.