TJ flies to USA after failing to bring Kimberly back to India

 TJ Goswami from the Other way season 5 surprised many of the show fans, after he began releasing several Instagram pictures, and videos of him and Kimberly hanging out in the United States. By the end of the tell all, Kimberly Rochelle was acting so cryptic, when talking to the camera about her relationship status with TJ. However, behind the scenes, things were fine between the couple, who are currently trying to find a living arrangement, that will make both of them happy.

When Kimberly went back to the United States on her own, and left TJ in India, it was not only because of her TLC obligation, which implies being physically present with the other American cast members of the show in New York, during the filming of the tell all, but it was mainly because she couldn't handle living in India any longer. Plus, her NDA with the TV network prevented her from revealing her relationship status earlier, which made everyone think that she broke up with TJ, and left him and India for good.

Not so long after The Other Way season 5 tell all part 3 episode was aired, TJ and Kimberly shared the good news with their Instagram followers via a joint post, and they also had a live stream Q&A session on Instagram, from the airport to interact with their fans and answer all of their questions.

An Instagram user asked Kimberly whether she will ever return to India. To answer that, Kimberly explained: "I am technically between countries at this point". She also confessed that living in India was not good for her dietary habits, which could be another obstacle in her way, that prevents her from moving back to India permanently to live with TJ and his family. She then revealed that they still have their apartment there, but it is unlikely that they will move back to it anytime soon.

TJ came to the United States on a temporary visa to see his wife and her family, and also to try and save his marriage. His stay in the country could be like a trial period to see if he can adapt, and live happily with his wife in the United States, since living together in India is not an option anymore.