Tim Malcolm claps back at haters who called him a Trans Lady

 Tim Malcolm has always been an easy target for online bullying, due to his looks and his fashion style. The 43 year old used to ignore such hate comments, but not anymore. In 2023, social media platforms have become out of the control, like the wild wild west, despite their effort to censor the comment sections and keep them under control.

Recently, Veronica's ex uploaded an Instagram flyer post, in which, he announced that he's going to be part of the fourth season of the 90 day fiancé spin off show, The Single Life. The post caption was long and had a little aggressive tone to it. Tim used the Instagram post caption to clap back at his haters, who always have questioned his se*ual orientation and he wrote:" So it’s official #thesinglelife season 4 premieres January 1st 2024! I hope all of you guys will show up to mock, ridicule, question my se*uality, discuss if im transitioning from a woman to man … you know the usual “Tim” conversation… oh don’t forget the eyebrows, eye liner and “doesn’t he remind you of the Grinch” comments because I just wouldn’t know how to live my life without reading that for another couple of years!".

An Instagram user accepted Tim's invitation to mock him and he wrote:" Biggest lady on tv. She loves attacking women on these reunions and s hitting on men. Come out girlfriend". Tim saw the troll comment, and called out the Instagram user for being a cringy dude who wrote a comment that no one will like or read.


Tim's reputation started to deteriorate, despite the fact that he was formerly seen to be amusing. On The Other way tell all episodes, the North Carolina native continually criticized Kirsten for calling a close male friend "Papi", while He proudly refers to married guy Kenneth Niedermeier as "Daddy", and was said to have hooked up with him during their last trip to New York. However, the rumors were not true, and they got denied by both Kenny and Armando.