This is why Christian and Cleo are back together

 Cleo Corraine and Christian Allgood from Before The 90 Days season 6 are officially back together, however, they are not doing it out of love, and probably it won't last. In the Last couple of years, more and more fake couples and social media influencers started to infiltrate the 90 day fiancé family for personal gain. Some people do it to get more exposure on their social media accounts, while others just need the quick and easy TLC checks to pay for a k-1 visa, a wedding or other things they couldn't afford. Even though Cleo was a genuine person when she first joined the show, things have changed and now she has a hidden agenda like many other cast members.

On the show, the Italian trans woman and the American party boy were in a terribly bad relationship. They had no reciprocal love feelings and did not live similar lifestyles. Christian introduced himself as an exuberant, extroverted man, who had exclusively dated women, while Cleo was autistic, introverted, and prefers to spend her time far away from big crowds.

Not so long ago, Cleo used her Instagram to confirm her split from Christian, and she even shared a post with a long caption to explain why. The Italian model requested privacy during this hard time, and she begged the show fans to leave Christian alone, because the split wasn't his fault. She stated that she will always love Christian, but they have very different personalities and emotional needs, which was excruciatingly painful for both, and let's not forget how hard is it to be in a long distance relationship. Cleo expressed her gratitude for the last year and a half they spent together, concluding:" Neither of us are perfect, I'm very insecure and codependent, please don't send him any hate".

A couple of days after the split, Cleo started a GoFundMe campaign, and she asked her fans to donate 35000 British pounds to her cause, so she can complete her transition, and pay for her gender affirming surgeries. Being on Before The 90 Days season 6 has helped Cleo to gain over 40000 Instagram followers, and that exposure was helpful in getting her more modeling gigs, and also to give attention to her GoFundMe page.

Unfortunately, being on a one season of the show didn't help Cleo to reach of financial goals. She recently confessed on her Instagram, that she's been struggling financially, due to the high cost of living in the UK. Plus, the endocrinologist visits to enhance her hormone replacement therapy, voice therapy and her laser hair removal sessions have been draining her finances. Cleo also can't keep a job because of her autism, social anxiety and shy nature.

At the moment, 139 people were generous enough to donate to Cleo's gender confirmation surgery, however, the total donated sum of 6969 British pounds is not enough. By getting back with Christian, Cleo could only hope to be cast on another season of the show. That will help her earn enough money, get more exposure and donations, so she can get a total sum of 35000 British pounds, and achieves her dream of being the woman she's meant to be.