Stacey Silva shows off the results of her recent facelift after full recovery

 Stacey Silva is still not planning to stop "improving" her appearance, and she was recently flaunting the results of her latest plastic surgery. Yet again, the Silva twins flew to Istanbul together for a Barbie touch up surgery, at their favorite clinic over there, which is called Comfort Zone Surgery. A Nose job revisions, fox eyes redone, cheek lifts, lip lifts, 360 high definition Vaser liposuction, and bre@st uplifts were among the operations performed on the ladies.

We are in the last month of 2023, and nothing has changed in the dynamic of the reality TV couple. Stacey is still the bread winner and Florian is still her sugar baby. Florian Sukaj recently claimed, that he is now unemployed, since he is concentrating on starting and expanding his furniture business. Since their debut in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, fans have followed Stacey Silva and Florian's story line. The couple has had many ups and downs, since appearing Before The 90 days, and then, on Darcey and Stacey the spin off show. They got married for the second time in 2022 and had a beautiful wedding, which was shown on Darcey & Stacey season 4. Florian and Stacey have been building their lives together ever since.
During her recent Trip to Turkey, Stacey chose to nip and tuck her face, by removing the superfluous skin, and tightening facial tissue with a facelift, which can take up to six months to fully heal. Now and after she fully recovered, Stacey Silva decided to share the finished product with her Instagram followers. She uploaded an Instagram story with a caption:" Healed facelift", and she added a heart emoji at the end. The reality tv star also gave a shout out to the Turkish plastic surgery clinic, and tagged them in her story post.

It's hard to see the real results of the work she had done, because the delusional woman still uses heavy filters, on all of her social media posts. Many 90 day fiancé fans, including me, still don't understand why the Silva twins spent probably over a million dollars on plastic surgeries and treatment, over the last 10 years, just to hide their real appearances using tons of heavy makeups and blurry filters.