Something went wrong, after Mary and Brandan publicly revealed their baby girl

 This week, Brandan DeNuccio and Mary Demasu-ay from The Other Way season 5 were thankful to TLC, after the official 90 day fiancé Instagram page shared a picture of their newborn baby girl, and congratulate the young couple. An hour after the TLC social media post was made, Mary uploaded another picture of her baby girl, who she named "Midnight", and she wrote as a caption on the post:" My Everything". This was supposed to be a happy time for Mary and Brandan, however, many of the show fans had a one specific negative thing to say about the matter.

Mary had recently an interview with Entertainment tonight, during which, she expressed her joy at having given birth to a child. The young mom's exact words were:" When I heard our baby crying for the first time during my C-section, I got teary-eyed". Mary and Brandan's split have been rumored since October 2023, when she went live on Instagram during a confrontation with her spouse. On camera, Mary sobbed as she begged him to get her a phone, so she could make social media content, and earn money for the family. Brandan, on the other hand, had already spent his money on a PS5 video game.
The young couple has always been so expressive and never cared about breaking their NDAs. They love using their social media accounts to show their dirty laundry to the public, so time will show whether they ended their relationship for good or not just yet.

Mary fueled speculation that she had already given birth to their child, back August 2023. However, she only revealed her baby to the public, on the last day of November. The reality tv cast member was stressed out, and has some hesitations about posting a picture of her baby girl to the public for a good reason. Mary is one of the most hated cast members from the fifth season of The Other Way, and she's been getting hate messages from trolls and bullies on social media, so her keeping the identity of her daughter private for as long as she can was justified.

A Redditor reposted the picture of Mary's baby girl on Reddit, and she wrote on the post title:" Baby Midnight has been announced by Brandan & Mary". While half of the comments under the post were congratulating Mary and Brandan, and praising their baby girl for her beauty, the other half just focused on expressing their dislike of her name. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we got celebrities calling their kids "North" and "X Æ A-Xii", but God forbid someone calls her daughter "Midnight".

Baby Midnight has been announced by Brandan & Mary
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One hater wrote as a comment under the post:" That name would be better suited for a cat than a human", while another added:" I’ll never understand going through all the trouble of making, growing, and birthing a kid to then turn around and name it something like Midnight". It seems like Many of the show fans were so deeply invested in talking sh*t about the Reality tv cast members, which made them forget that babies and kids are off limits, no one should speak about them this way.