Shekinah is exposed by her niece for lying about her daughter on the show

 On 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 5, Shekinah Garner relocated to Turkey to be with her Boyfriend Sarper. Meanwhile, her daughter, Sophie, was already enrolled in a boarding school. That made many fans of the show question Shekinah's motherhood. When talking to the cameras, the American assured the viewers that she has an amazing relationship with her daughter, however, and out of nowhere, Shekinah's niece decided to expose the former wife of her uncle for her lies, by calling her a deadbeat mom.

On the 90 Day Fiancé spin off show, the single mother was pursuing her 43 year old Turkish man, Sarper Güven. Before meeting her beau, she had a pretty interesting past. Shekinah grew up in an Amish family, and never had the opportunity as a female to enjoy the simple joys in life, like having a boyfriend or putting on makeup. As a result, she decided to leave her Amish world behind as an adult, and pursue her wildest goals and dreams. Since then, the Los Angeles resident has worked as an aesthetician, created her own business, and gone through several relationships and plastic surgeries.

The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way cast member has stated that she has a great relationship with her 16 year old daughter, however, her niece disagrees, and had something to say about that. A Reddit user shared a screenshot of a couple of social media comments, which were made by Shekinah's niece, who was bashing the reality TV star for lying on the show.

Shekinah is a deadbeat mom allegedly ***
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Since Shekinah's close family doesn't like Sarper and think he's a misogynist, the American decided to cut them off, instead of listening to their warnings and concerns. From the look of it, she doesn't have a good relationship with her extended family either. The niece called Shekinah out for being a gold digger and a bad mother. Under A social media post that was discussing Shekinah's career, the niece used her personal Instagram profile and she wrote:" she was my uncles waitress at his restaurant in Ventura California and she ended up hooking up with him because of his money", she then added:" and besides being a gold digger she is a horrible mother to my cousin, my uncle has been raising her on his own and with help of other family members".

The 90 day fiancé fans who saw the post on Reddit were not surprised. One of them left a comment saying:" I thought this was clear to everyone from the start based on how she talks about her kid", and another one who shared the same opinion replied:" I'm not surprised, she abandoned her daughter to live with a wanna be action man". Shekinah cutting ties her family to be with Sarper was a bad move. She still talks to her daughter and flies to meet her every couple of months, however, all the signs and red flags in her personal life indicate that she won't have her happily ever after.