Shekinah has a proof that Yohan didn't cheat on Daniele

 Shekinah called Daniele Trash, after their recent Instagram altercation, but not before she exposed the latter about lying on the show about everything, which includes Yohan cheating on her with other women. The Dominican needs to be on the show for money, and Daniele is doing it to boost her holistic wellness coaching business, and to increase the exposure on her social media accounts. There is a big chance that we will see this couple again, on a future 90 day fiancé season or spin off show, because they still didn't get a divorce to his day, despite all of the scandals.

After being accused of buying fake bots accounts on Instagram to act as her supporters, Shekinah denied the allegation, and clapped back at Daniele, who also called her a "woman hater". The Former Amish described Daniele as a liar and immature, and advised her to seek therapy, instead of running a wellness retreat because it's all a fraud.

Shekinah did a whole one minute video ranting about Daniele, while describing what really happened behind the scenes of the Tell All, and she said:" Also, I would like to say that, the very first thing that I heard out of Daniele's mouth, when she walked into the hair and makeup room at the tell all", she then added:" and she said:" Just remember, none of this is real''". That specific sentence triggered Shekinah, who's already not a big fan of the reality tv star, because by being on the show, she was showing her real life drama, and not a fake and scripted one like other "OG" cast members are doing, for example, Gino and Jasmine, and in this case, Daniele and Yohan. #90dayfiance #90dayfiancetheotherway #90dayfiancenews #90dayfianceoftiktok ♬ original sound - 90dayfiance news and gossips

The reason why Shekinah didn't react to Daniele's "nonsense" receipts, when she was calling out her husband Yohan for cheating is because none of it was real. Shekinah's claims could be legit, since the TLC couple is still together to this day, and didn't file for a divorce, despite all the horrible things, they did to each other, in the last couple of years.