Shekinah criticized by fans for ruining her looks with a botched nose job

 Shekinah Garner from The Other Way season 5 has always been open about her plastic surgery procedures. The licensed esthetician claimed that she had multiple lifts done on her brows, mid face, lower face, and neck before her 40th birthday. Needless to say, like most of the female 90 day fiancé cast members, Shekinah also had Botox and lip fillers. Recently, the reality tv cast member had a nose job, which was not well received by the show fans, who thought that it was an unnecessary procedure and some even described it as "botched".

Season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way introduced Shekinah Garner and her "bad boy" boyfriend, Sarper Güven, whom she met on a dating app while visiting Turkey with a friend. On their first date, the two clicked right away, and Shekinah arranged a return trip to Turkey to visit him, barely two months later. On the fifth season of The Other Way, Shekinah left her life in Los Angeles to live with Sarper in his own country. However, after seeing previous images of Shekinah before plastic surgery on social media, many fans couldn't help but note how different she used to look before her 40th birthday.

Last week, Shekinah gave a life update to her social media followers, by posting an Instagram story, in which, her nose was bandaged and bruised, after undergoing rhinoplasty surgery by a Turkish surgeon called Dr. Alpaslan Yildirim. A couple of days later, she posted an Instagram reel with her boyfriend Sarper, and her new shaped nose looked fully healed. A 90 day fiancé fan took a screenshot of Shekinah's new nose and posted it on Reddit with a caption:" Shakinah's New Nose".

Shakinah's New Nose
byu/Prudent_Being_4212 in90DayFiance

The 42 year old's recent plastic surgery wasn't well received by the show fans. Despite being mocked for her looks for multiple reasons, no one actually made fun of her old nose, and many thought that it actually looked better before. A Reddit user blamed Sarper, and commented under Shekinah's new nose post saying:" Did Sarper make her get a nose job because we know she doesn’t have a mind of her own and I guarantee you it was her money they put up with a nose job and their medical nonsense", while another added:" OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOO it was so much better before!!!!! This doesn’t fit her face I dislike her but I’m genuinely saying it’s bad".

Shekinah and Sarper are they still together, and they are active on social media. The couple recently launched a medical tourism business, which will guide people through their plastic surgery transformation journeys. They are hoping that the exposure, which they had from being on the reality tv show will help their business boom.