Sarper under fire after being accused of forcibly starving Shekinah

 Shekinah Garner from the Other Way season 5 is willingly putting herself in a toxic relationship, despite all of the red flags. After she met her Turkish lover Sarper during a "girlfriend getaways" in Turkey, the former Amish fell in love with him, and wanted something more than a one night stand.

Despite's Sarper dominant and misogynistic character, Shekinah decided to stick with him, and let him control most of the aspects of her life, including her diet. Last week, The Other Way cast member went live on her Instagram page, to give a life update to her social media followers. During the live, Shekinah looked so skinny, which made the show fans worry about her well being, knowing that Sarper is putting her on the scale on a daily basis, to keep her weight under control.

Sarper also controls Shekinah's wardrobe, and is probably influencing her to get more plastic surgeries, which explains why she underwent rhinoplasty not so long ago. The Turkish "bad boy" pressured Shekinah to be a certain size early in their relationship, and she didn't mind. On the show, he pulled out a scale to weigh the American woman, which triggered the viewers. Sarper informed Shekinah that her goal is to keep her weight at 128 pounds, however, based on her recent social media appearance, her weight seemed way less than that.

A 90 day fiancé fans took a screenshot from Shekinah's live stream, and posted it in our Facebook group "90 day fiance news and memes 2023" with a caption:" Get ready with me live! Did not recognize her at first!". Shekinah new shape looked abnormal. From one side, her head and fake b**bs were the same as before, however, her arms and shoulders looked bony. Many of our Facebook group's members instantly blamed Sarper for what they saw, and felt bad for women in general, who let their toxic men control them in such way.

A Facebook user commented under the post:" Whaaaaaat. Is she eating?", and another replied:" only what and when Sarper allows". Obviously, everyone noticed Shekinah's very thin arms and shoulders, and it's understandable why Sarper is the one to blame for this. Between the hundreds of comments which were questioning Shekinah's new look, one of the group members added:" Better stop listening to her boyfriend he is turning her into a clown".

Shekinah and Sarper's relationship works because they have mutual understanding. While the single mother would never allow someone to rule her, she does allow Sarper to make decisions on her behalf, because he is both a model and a fashionista and she respects his opinion.