Mary slammed for excessively exploiting her baby daughter to make social media content

 Midnight was the name that Brandan and Mary have given to their baby daughter. The young couple's first child was delivered by a C-section, after a difficult birth. Despite their constant fighting, arguing, and financial problems, Mary and Brandan managed to put their differences aside, for the sake of their baby girl. While Brandan has been social media silent, Mary has been so active lately on her TikTok and YouTube accounts. She's been posting family vlogs type of videos, and trying to monetize them with ads to make money. That sounds nice right? Unfortunately, many of the show fans have noticed, that the Filipina was excessively using her daughter for clicks, in most of her recent social media videos, which made many fans fuming and feeling bad for the new born child.

Not so long ago, Mary was seen crying hysterically on TikTok, on a live streaming video that she started herself, hoping to gain some sympathy from the show fans, after Brandan had spent one of their TLC checks to buy video games, instead of getting her a new phone. Later, when Brandan apologized to Mary, he also pledged to improve himself for Midnight and to take better care of their baby. At the end, Mary finally got her new phone. It was an iPhone 15 pro max, which she's now using to create content for her social media accounts.

Beside their main TikTok account, Mary and Brandan created another profile under the username "@mary_brandan90dayfiance" for their family vlogs, which included their baby daughter and Mary's grandparents. The videos in which Mary was forcibly using her baby daughter for views and clicks have made the show fans angry, because the Young Filipina was shaking and swinging her new born around, as part of a TikTok dance. A Reddit User shared a screenshot from one of Mary's recent TikTok live streams and wrote as a caption:" This just showed up on my TikTok. No thought of the baby's safety whatsoever. Smh. I can see her forcing her kid to do videos and tiktoks to grift".
Mary and Midnight tiktok live
byu/colorless_squid in90dayfianceuncensored

The other Reddit users immediately saw that something was wrong, and started to express their opinions about the topic. One Redditor wrote in the comments section:" That poor baby already being exploited for clicks. Influencer “mothers” f*****g disgust me to no end.", while another concerned user added:" Just look at her exploiting Midnight for clicks and views. I guess no more playing sad songs crying in a corner or having arguments with Brandon live on TikTok. Thing is the baby has no choice in the matter with these two idi0t parents".

Despite being extra harsh, most of the comments under the post were right, Midnight has no choice in this, and she's been forced to make these family vlogs video without her consent, which is not fair. #90dayfiance #90dayfiancetheotherway #90dayfiancenews #90dayfiancetellall ♬ original sound - 90dayfiance news and gossips
As a 90 day fiance blogger, it amazes me how most of the show cast members keep doing stupid things publicly, almost every week. Which means, there will be always some news or scandals to report. To keep their 90 day fiance show and spinoffs going, TLC rarely cast normal people these days. It's clear that their main focus is to find the lowlifes, the crazy and the ones with an undiagnosed mental illnesses, because those are the cast members who will keep the show controversial and popular.