Daniele debunks all rumors and tells the truth about her dating a fellow cast member

Yohan Geronimo and Daniele Gates still didn't get a divorce, despite all the scandals that occurred between them, while filming for 2 consecutive seasons of 90 Day Fiance The Other Way. After the 44 year old discovered that her Dominican husband was a serial cheater, she decided to expose him in front of the world, on the tell all episodes of the Other Way season 5. Months after that, Daniele was spotted in New York and Florida hanging out with other fellow cast members. At the Miami Beach Art Basel, Daniele hung out with fellow castmates Razvan and Gabe. 

After breaking up with Amanda, the Romanian TikToker still came to the US anyways to achieve his dream of becoming a famous model and actor. Daniele Posted a photo album from the event, in which, there was one picture of her and Razvan that sparkled their dating rumors, which was based on her flirty body language.

Daniele's Instagram profile is all about her holistic wellness coaching, however, most of her followers and people who engage with her posts are only interested in her personal life. Under her Art Basel photo album post, an Instagram user went straight and asked the reality TV star about Amanda's ex, and she wrote:" Is that Razvan??".

Daniele saw the comment and decided to immediately end the rumors before they even start, and this was her reply:" yes, it’s not a thing so please no one make it a thing".

Razvan managed to come to the United States without the help of his former American partner. During season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Razvan had a long distance relationship with Amanda, who was a widowed single mom at the time. He was in love with her, but things didn't work out after they spend a couple of weeks together in Romania. Being single again, Razvan concentrated on himself and his acting profession. He made it to the United States after his artist visa was approved.

It's understandable, why some of the show fans were excited to see Daniele and Razvan hanging out together. Both reality tv cast members were victims in their previous relationships, and deserved to be with someone who can truly love them. Razvan could be an excellent match for Daniele, and he is her type. The Romanian is young, tall, jacked up and probably "packing", which is the type of men whom Daniele is used to date.