Cleo is showing off her new boyfriend, not so long after being dumped by Christian

 Back in October 2023, Cleo announced her breakup with Christian, because they couldn't handle being in a long distance relationship any longer. However, many of the show fans thought that it was obvious, that Christian was the one who initiated the split, due to pressure from the men in his family, and because he couldn't handle being with a trans woman in public. Let's not forget that Cleo didn't have her gender affirmation surgery yet, so as a straight male, Christian put himself in an awkward situation, when trying to be intimate with his trans girlfriend. The past is the past, and before the start the new year, Cleo decided to show her fans on Instagram, that she has moved on, by posting pictures from her date night with her new man.

Two days ago, Cleo posted a photo album on her personal Instagram account @stereotypical_cleo, in which she was holding hands with a man during a lavish dinner. The Before The 90 days season 6 cast member was seen in another photo taking a selfie, while sipping a martini. Cleo had her fingers entwined with her new mystery boyfriend, while holding his hand in a another picture from the same album. The trans Italian model did not include a caption on her post, but she left the comment section open, so that her fans can express their opinions and show their love.

While most of the people in the post's comment section were happy for Cleo, and congratulated her for moving on, some of the show fans were feeling suspecious about the whole situation, and started to think that Cleo and Christian are back together, and there is no new man. An Instagram user commented:" That hand looks familiar, but whoever it may be, wishing you all the joy and love!", and another one added:" is that Christians hand? Going by the hair". It would make no sense that Cleo and Christian are back together, especially after the former made a public announcement about their split not so long ago.