Big Ed's recent statement exposes him and Liz for being a fake couple

 Lately, It's starting to be more and more obvious that Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods are a fake TLC couple. Many of the shows fans may accept a little fake drama here and there if it's entertaining, but having a fake couple on a 90 day fiancé show or a spin off will make the whole franchise's popularity decline, and people will eventually quit watching the show sooner than later.

Big Ed Brown began dating Liz on 90 Day: The Single Life season 1, following his split from his Filipina girlfriend Rose Vega. After more than 12 breakups, Ed and Liz got back together to be on the new 90 Day spin off show The Last Resort. On the final episode of the new show,  the 56 year old went down on one knee to propose to Liz one last time, and the single mom said yes. Unfortunately, a few months later, many rumors of a breakup started circulating online, when Liz started posting multiple Instagram stories showing herself on several date nights, with a new man who actually has a neck.

Two days ago, Big Ed went live on Instagram and started a Q&A session with his fans to give them a life update. I always saw many confused 90 day fiancé fans on social media wondering how a despicable person like Big Ed has actual fans. Well, the numbers don't lie, Big Ed has over 500 thousand followers on Instagram alone, which means there are people out there who actually like him as a person, despite his bad reputation on the TLC reality tv shows. 90 day fiance Big Ed and Liz are still together? No, they never were because they are a fake TLC couple. #90dayfiance #90dayfianceoftiktok #90dayfiancenews ♬ original sound - 90dayfiance news and gossips

When an Instagram user asked him:" what's up, what are you doing?", Big Ed replied:" I'm living in northwest Arkansas, I just got my real estate license, I closed my first house yesterday, yeaaaaay!, and still doing real estate and still filming, and Liz and I are still together, and I'm happy as I can be".

The reality tv star's recent statement made no sense, because since the end of 90 Day The Last Resort, there wasn't a single photo of him and Liz together on any of their social media accounts. Not only that, but in the last 2 months, Liz was living in San Diego, California alone, and she posted many Instagram stories of her date nights with a new man. Beside not living together, Big Ed's active dating profile on Bumble was spotted by the show fans, who happen to live in his area. All of these signs prove that Big and Liz are no longer together.

The only logical explanation is the fact that Big Ed and Liz are a fake TLC couple, who keep coming back to the show to help Big Ed boost his photography and real estate businesses, while Liz is only doing it for the easy TLC paychecks.