Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi were spotted together in the United States

 During the last week, Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi were spotted twice, in the United States by a couple of 90 day fiancé fans. The first time was at a local supermarket in Georgia called "Food lion", and the second time was at Walmart.

When Angela and the fan met at a Food Lion supermarket in Georgia, the admirer politely requested to take a picture with her. Then, she asked her about Michael. Angela told the female fan, that her Nigerian husband was waiting for her in the parking lot, near her car. Later on, the show fan expressed her delight at meeting the reality TV star, and decided to send her picture and conversation with Angela to Twitter/X user "Shab00ty". The reality tv writer shared everything he got from the fan with his 90 day fiance community on the social media platform, and he wrote as a caption:" Angela was spotted at the Food Lion in GA wearing her engagement ring and Michael was later found in the parking lot… and he is here in the USA for good now".

Many Twitter/X users who saw the post didn't believe the story, because there was no actual photo of Michael. However, when a Reddit user posted a picture of the TLC couple at Walmart, she made sure that both of them were in the picture, just to confirm that Michael has actually made it to the United States.
Michael and Angela spotted at Walmart
byu/lexi4020 in90dayfianceuncensored

Once again, some people started to question the story, and they claimed that the picture was not taken in the United States, because Angela was in Nigeria a couple of weeks ago, and they do have Walmart grocery stores there too. Many Internet detectives analyzed certain things in the picture, and came to the conclusion, that the TLC couple were actually in an American Walmart and not a Nigerian one. A Reddit user commented under the post:" It's definitely an American store. That's a minute key kiosk behind Angela. Behind Michael is some sort of electronic sale kiosk also. The Pepsi logo on the bottles is also their new logo, within the last 8 months or so."

Despite the fact that Angela and Michael are officially married in Nigeria, their marriage is not yet approved or legalized in the United States, which made us believe that Michael Ilesanmi probably came to the US on a K-1 fiancé visa. The TLC couple will have to get remarried in the United States, and it's possible that they will be cast again to be part of a new 90 day fiancé show, while doing it.