Amid the Christmas festivities, Kalani gives an update about her and Dallas

 90 Day Fiancé star Kalani Faagata has been sharing pictures and updates of her new boyfriend, Dallas, and their activities even after the show's final episode aired months ago. In a recent Instagram story, Kalani shared a heartwarming moment where Dallas spent Christmas Day with her parents and children instead of her ex-partner and father of her children.

While Kalani has been discussing her romance with Dallas during season 1 of 90 Day: The Last Resort, which premiered back in August 2023, it wasn't obvious whether they were still together. However, that same month, Kalani updated her Instagram profile photo to a selfie, that supposedly included part of Dallas' face, hinting at their continued relationship.

Despite the cheating and the scandals, Kalani used to spend her Christmas days with her ex husband Asuelu and their kids, however, for this year Christmas day, the reality TV star is celebrating it with her new love. To avoid the trolls and the haters' hurtful comments, Kalani has been trying not to reveal too much information about Dallas identity, which includes posting a picture of his full face on social media. However, she couldn't help but share a lovely Christmas moment between Dallas and her sons on her Instagram story.

Dallas was the one who initially shared a photo of Kalani's sons, Oliver and Kennedy opening their Christmas gifts on Christmas morning. The boys donned matching pajamas, and Dallas even tagged Kalani's parents' Instagram account in his story, which Kalani then shared with a Merry Christmas sticker.

Kalani has had enough of Asuelu's cheating and lying. She recently accused him of r*ping her, which resulted in the birth of their second son. Kalani appears to be so happy now that she is with Dallas. She doesn't need to hide her relationship from the rest of the world as she did before. Meanwhile, Asuelu was probably lying to the show fans about being deported back to Samoa, and he will definitely find a way to get back to the States to see his sons again.