Yohan's girlfriend exposes him for cheating on Daniele with her during his whole marriage

 Daniele Gates from the other way season 5 had to face the harsh truth that her husband, Yohan Geronimo has been cheating on her during their whole marriage. This revelation happened when the mystery woman, who Yohan cheated with got in contact with Daniele. Yohan's secret girlfriend decided to spill the tea and tell Daniele everything.

For more than a year, things between Daniele and her Younger Dominican husband have not been so great. Many of the viewers were sure, that the couple has already split, since the filming of tell all episodes of the fourth season of The Other Way. However, their most recent fight, which will be shown on next week's episode of The Other Way appeared to be the most important yet, and confirmed that the pair are done for good.

On The Other Way season 5 episode 21, Daniele told the camera, that she received some bad news over the last week, which have made her not want to fight for her marriage anymore. A mystery woman contacted Daniele, and confirmed to her that Yohan had been in a relationship with her, for almost two years. She goes on to say that the affair had been going on for months, before the TLC couple got married on Love In Paradise: The Caribbean spinoff show. After receiving the shocking news, Daniele broke down in tears and said to the camera:" I think that the Yohan that I was seeing and was believing was there was never actually in front of me".
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The mystery woman knew that Yohan was married, and still had s*x with him willingly, each time they met behind Daniel's back. She also showed Daniele the d*ck pictures and d*rty texts that Yohan has been sending her. Apparently, Yohan's secret girlfriend doesn't have any morals. You may think that she talked to Daniele to snitch on Yohan, however, that was not the case. The new woman just wanted to speak with Daniele to check if the couple has split or not, so she can finally have Yohan fully for herself.

Even if Daniele wasn't exactly the sugar-mommy/wife that Yohan wished to have, she didn't deserve to be betrayed this way. For months, she invested heavily in her marriage to Yohan, and became a member of his family. She contributed monetarily to the relationship, and even paid for almost all of the stuff that Yohan owned in the last 2 years, plus for their expensive apartment's rent and bills. She even agreed to conceive a baby with him and pondered using an egg donor to make it happen. Thankfully, she didn't bring him to the United States, because the Dominican was certainly going to use her to get a green card, and then leave her for a younger woman.