Two 90 day fiance cast members are flirting with Sophie amid her split rumors from Rob

 Sophie Sierra is gaining popularity on social media among her male 90 Day Fiancé series co-stars. The 23-year-old English native and her Californian partner, Rob "the knob" Warne, are two of the season's newest cast members. They intend to make their relationship work and have already agreed to get married, however, from the look of their social media activities, it looks like the couple has already split, which explains why other male cast members started hitting on her.

The British model and social media influencer first met Rob on an Instagram page for mixed-race males. She was taken with Rob's attractive features and decided to give it a shot. He was also completely taken with Sophie's appearance and thought she was his type of woman. He quickly communicated with her and soon after they started their long distance relationship.

The pair dated for months before choosing to apply for the K-1 visa. They had ups and downs, but they never let the distance or the 10 year age gap bother them. In the second episode, Sophie landed in America to begin her 90-day journey, and Rob proposed to her at the airport. Unfortunately, the two did not consider their financial discrepancies or previous controversies, which resulted in disagreements. Sophie was upset that Rob's apartment didn't have a bathroom, but Rob dismissed her concerns. The pair also clashed over previous cheating allegations, with Sophie' using a dating app "to find friends" and Rob's dubious social media behavior.

After rob messed up his public image by his actions on the show, Sophie started receiving largely positive feedback, particularly from numerous young male 90 Day Fiancé series cast members. Kimberly's son, Jamal Menzies, recently praised one of Sophie's makeup Live videos. Jamal is still dating Veronica in an open relationship, and he has made a few snide remarks to Sophie, and attempted to win her heart by making her laugh. He wrote to her: "do you eat tea and crumpets", and then he added: "Are you on a television show? No way".

Jamal was not the only mixed-race man who expressed interest in Sophie. River Everett, Chantel Everett's younger sibling, also appeared on Sophie's Live makeup session. "Your Skin is glowing," the young Georgia resident remarked, blushingly, alongside a dazzling star emoji. River approached Sophie in a more traditional manner, complimenting her appearance in the most courteous way imaginable. It's difficult to say what his goal was, but he looked overly enthusiastic with her appearance. River has previously complimented his sisters' videos, but never like this.