This is why Jovi and Yara are moving to Florida

 Yara Zaya and her husband, Jovi Dufren are ready to relocate to a new city. The 28 year old Ukrainian never liked living New Orleans, Louisiana which she calls "The Swamp". After nagging her husband for years, he finally caved in and agreed to the move.

Yara and Jovi's relationship problems reached an all-time peak in 2023. The "Cardboard Couple" was posting happy family pictures from their trips on their social media accounts, and trying to show the world that everything was fine between them, however, behind closed doors, they were not on good terms. Their marital troubles compelled them to seek therapy on 90 Day: The Last Resort, and that helped them to determine whether or not to stay married. Yara confessed during the new spinoff show that she took birth control pills behind Jovi's back, because she didn't trust him as a responsible husband. At the same time, Jovi aggravated matters by secretly partying with Angela Deem and visiting a $trip club. It appeared that Yara and Jovi would not make it, but they astonished the viewers by reconciling their disagreements and becoming better partners.

Like most couple, Jovi and Yara wish to have a wonderful life together, and live in a city that they both enjoy. As a result, they've chosen to leave Louisiana and find a new home that suits their current lives. Recently, Yara shared a photo of herself on her Instagram. Her post was geographically tagged in Miami South Beach, and it has as a caption:" Coming to find our future home. Looking for the best area in Mia/Ft. Lauderdale. Priorities are good schooling and family areas. What do you guys think is the best spot here??".

Drama aside, Jovi and Yara enjoy being on reality tv and they don't plan to quit doing it anytime soon. Before joining the 90 day fiancé universe, each of them were on other reality tv shows. Since both of them are superficial, shallow and have an expensive taste, it makes sense for them to move to the magic city of Miami.


They will be in a new city, where they will meet and network with new people, who will have a different influence on them and help them to get ahead in life. After moving to their new home, the 90 Day Fiancé couple will still have to work on their marriage, because it ain't going to fix and maintain itself.