This is why Asuelu got deported back to Samoa

 On the first season of 90 Day: The Last Resort, many 90 Day Fiancé fans saw Asuelu Pulaa and Kalani Faagata's marriage implode. Kalani's presenting her new boyfriend Dallas to the public was an early indication, that her marriage ended. On the finale of the new spin off show, the couple confirmed their split, and Kalani decided that she will be the one filing for the divorce. 

Based on their activities on Instagram, Asuelu and Kalani appeared to be living apart for months. Back in July 2023, Asuelu disclosed on his Instagram live Q&A session that he relocated to Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Kalani relocated from Utah to California to move in with her new boyfriend. Recently, Asuelu did another live Q&A session, but this time, it was on TikTok. During the live, he cried and confessed to his fans that he moved back to his native Samoa, while implying that the move was not by choice.

On the TikTok live, Asuelu said that he got deported, because his papers expired. A 90 day fiancé fan on Reddit also saw the livestream, and he/she started a post on the social media platform asking if others saw it too.

Asuelu deported?
byu/namast_eh in90DayFiance

The 28 year old Samoan didn't give more details to explain further why he got deported, but common sense made us believe that Asuelu was acting dumb and careless as usual, because he didn't hire an immigration lawyer to help him legalize his stay in the country, during his Divorce. It's possible that Asuelu was expecting Kalani to help him out with his permanent green card, but the latter didn't bother to do it.

Kalani and Asuelu got married back in 2018. A foreigner who's married to a US citizen can't get his permanent Green card directly. First he must apply for a 2 year conditional green card, which can be obtained, after waiting one to two years and half. This means between 2020 and 2022, Asuelu was living and working in the US with his conditional 2 year green card. A marriage green card or spousal visa, can take anywhere from 14–40 months, and that's why Asuelu got deported. The Samoan can't apply for a permanent green card based on marriage because he's getting a divorce, and without hiring an immigration lawyer, his chances of staying in the country are slim.

Despite the fact that Asuelu is currently living in Samoa, which was proven by his recent TikTok live streams, he kept posting pictures of himself golfing in Las Vegas on his Instagram, because that's what social media influencers do. Most of the 90 day fiancé cast members Instagram accounts are managed by a social media agency, to help them grow and make money from paid sponsorships. The pictures they post are not always recent. They just post whatever is best to get more likes and exposure.