This is how Yohan spent the money he stole from Daniele

 It was shown recently on 90 day fiancé the other way season 5, that Daniele and Yohan were having a heated argument because of their trust issues and miscommunication. Yohan was caught stealing money from Daniele's bank without her authorization, and when Daniele called him out, he refused to recognize his error and instead accused Daniele of being selfish. This week's episode didn't reveal how Yohan spent the money he stole, but thanks to Daniele's social media, now we know.

Last week's episode, Daniele and Yohan went to see a life coach to try to save what's left of their marriage, and to help them work out their differences. Daniele hoped they were turning a fresh page and coming to terms with their relationship. Yohan getting a new job while working as a debt collector helped a little to keep Daniele off his back, however, some 90 day fiancé fans started a rumor that he's working with a gang, being driven around in a car to collect debt with a baseball bat, but of course allegedly, this is not confirmed. Everything was OK between them for a time, until Daniele found something shady about her husband.

Daniele was in the kitchen when she accessed her bank account and discovered a $40 charge. She checked again through her bank account history and saw that this had happened several times. The money was withdrawn from an ATM machine and this was not her doing. Daniele knew she'd never been to the bank, so she asked Yohan whether he'd used the ATM to withdraw money from her bank account. Yohan kept denying it, even after Daniele asked him multiple times if he was sure it wasn't him using her card. "I never expected anything like this from him," Daniele said. This is how Yohan spent the money that he stole from Daniele #90dayfiance #90dayfiancetheotherway ♬ original sound - 90dayfiance news and gossips
After this week's episode of the other way was aired, Daniele went to her Instagram to confirm once again that Yohan did actually steal money from her and she even showed how he spent it. The 42 year old New Yorker shared an Instagram story of Yohan partying with members of his family at a local $trip club, and she wrote as a caption:" This photo was taken the night that Yohan stole that money, while I was at a healing retreat to heal from what? What do you think I need healing from? He took his family to the $trip club his nephew works at. He wasn't starving, trust me. He posted this pic on 10/2 to remind me that he doesn't give AF".

It looks like Jovi has been inspiring other fellow 90 day fiancé male cast members to go to the $trip club to have a good time, and to throw dollar bills at random t0pless women dancing on poles. Yohan is a decade younger than Daniele, so he is unlikely to have the same level of money as she does. On 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, it will be interesting to see if Daniele and Yohan are ever able to fix their marital troubles.