Rishi's new American woman revealed

 After Jen Boecher spilled the tea about what really happened between her and Rishi, it was revealed that their breakup was not mutual, because the American was the one who initiated the split, after she fell out of love with Rishi. Jen also hinted that her ex has been flirting with other women online, and she told her fans on Instagram during a recent Q&A session, that Rishi has been trying to get back on the show with another woman. This new woman happens to be an American who was a cast member of one of the 90 day fiancé spin offs. Jen didn't reveal the mystery woman's identity, however, she did mention that Rishi's new woman is going to visit him in India soon, and the pair will try out to be cast again on one of the 90 day fiancé shows.

Many 90 day fiancé fans and bloggers were curious, and kept digging on social media to find Rishi's new mystery woman, and eventually, they did. A "famous" blogger and writer who's called "SHAB00TY" on Twitter, posted a screenshot which was taken from a recent Instagram story uploaded by doctor April Carter from Love in Paradise: The Caribbean season 3, and he wrote:" So Jen of Rishi fame went live last night (first sentence); She talked in the live about Rishi’s clamoring to get back on the show with a 90 day cast member from another season (love in paradise in this case), and Rishi and Dr. Carter are very chummy, that’s the tea".

This post implied that doctor April Carter, the germaphobe is Rishi's new mystery woman. Some fans were joking in the comments section of the post, and wondered how the Doctor with the OCD will handle being in India, which is known for its unhygienic street food and dirty streets.

Rishi's and Doctor Carter follow each other on Instagram and interact with each other posts so often, which fueled their dating rumors even more. Rishi's new woman is 38 year old, which means his mom may like and accept her, and eventually approve their relationship.