Mary slammed by fans for lying about her financial situation

 Mary from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 5 was recently crying on her Instagram and TikTok live streams, because of her bad financial situation. She told her social media followers that she couldn't get a job, because she lives in a rural area. She also explained that her only chance is to work remotely as a customer support agent, however, she and Brandan are broke right now and couldn't afford to buy her a laptop. This came as a surprise to their social media followers, since the young couple have been flaunting their expensive purchases lately, and spending their TLC checks irresponsibly on non essential things.

Mary stated later that she was qualified for more work from home positions, however, without a laptop, it was impossible to get those types of jobs. Indirectly, the young Filipina was begging the 90 day fiancé fans to pay for her laptop, however, the show fans are not stupid and they detected her manipulative behavior from miles away. The show fans accused Mary of dry begging for a free laptop, while she's spending her money on luxury items.

Based on their recent social media activities, Mary and Brandan have been eating out almost every day. The American also purchased a new PS5 and new video games, while his Filipina wife got new braces and an iPhone 15 pro max. Obviously, the young couple is acting financially irresponsible, because unemployed people should invest in themselves, and buy items that will help them start a business or a get a job, instead of buying unnecessary items.

Reality tv cast members don't get paid in advance. They get their checks each time a new episode of their show airs, and they must be in that episode. If Mary and Brandan won't start saving those checks or spending them responsibly, then, they are going to get hit with a harsh reality check, as soon as their season is over.

While Brandan is wasting his twenties playing video games, Mary is actually trying to move things around despite not being so successful at it so far. Opening a small supermarket in front of their house was her idea, and she is also trying to create multiple sources of income online, by monetizing their social media contents, and from selling and shipping Filipino snacks and handmade jewelries, which she's promoting on her social media accounts.