Mary reveals why she really regrets marrying Brandan

 Mary Demasu-ay from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 5  is having trouble accepting the life choices, that her American husband Brandan DeNuccio forced her to make. The young Filipina feels like she's not living the life that she's meant to live, and still doesn't want to take accountability for her actions.

Mary and Brandan's problematic relationship seemed to have become worse after they got married. A couple of weeks ago, Mary posted a depressing Instagram Story, in which, she wrote that Brandan is not the one for her, while implying that she deserves a man who is better than him. She wishes to have someone who is more financially stable, and who will help her out around the house when she needs.

Mary's recent Instagram story was grimmer and more depressing than the ones before. This time, she mentioned how she was a "student of honors", who loves to compete and wants to try new things. She then added:" If only I finish my college maybe I'm a license professor now. Teaching at college class. Not Just maybe but I know it's for sure. But idk. I'm just..... idk". Brandan was the one who forced Mary to quit going to college, and doing modeling gigs, because of his jealous and possessive nature. 

The young Filipina is only 23 year old, and she can still go back to college to finish her education, but instead, she prefers to play the victim, and blame it all on her American husband.

What complicated their living situation in the Philippines was the fact that, Brandan had almost no savings in his bank account, after spending $60,000 on building a house for Mary. That sum of money is a big deal when spent in a rural village, which happens to be in a third world country. Thanks to Brandan, Mary is now living in one of the biggest and most beautiful houses in the area.

Not so long ago, Mary gave birth to their first child, however, she still feel unhappy and bitter everyday, because Brandan won't stop wasting his time and money playing video games, instead of supporting and investing in himself and his family.