Kalani's new man Dallas shares some private details about their relationship

 Kalani Faagata has been showing off her hall pass guy for quite some time. She had already broken up with Asuelu Pulaa as a result of his infidelity scandals, and will be filing for a divorce soon. As a result, the celebrity has decided to begin a new chapter in her life. Her new man recently hosted a Q&A session on his Instagram, and revealed many details about their relationship that were not mentioned on 90 Day The Last Resort.

It was confirmed that Dallas paid a visit to Kalani at the Florida Keys resort, where she was supposedly attempting to fix her marriage with her husband Asuelu, through a series of grueling couples therapy sessions. After the show ended, Kalani was finally able to go on Instagram and officially announce her romance with Dallas to the public, while working on her divorce.

Dallas decided to connect with the 90 day fiancé fans on Instagram, since Kalani has already brought up his name many times and shared his Instagram handle with her followers. During his recent IG Story Q&A, Dallas discussed how he and Kalani met, what he loves about his one year girlfriend, and whether he hopes to star with her in the 90 Day Fiance franchise. One of Dallas' Instagram followers told him:" I'm so happy she's happy, about da*n time!!! can you appear on 90 day now pls", and the reply to that request was:" Thank you, happiness means everything to me and that's going to be a no for me".

It's nice to see that Dallas is not clout chaser. He's with Kalani for the right reasons and not to use her to be on the reality tv show. Dallas also mentioned that he met Kalani on social media, but didn't say who made the first move.

The 28 year old Hall pass guy confessed that what he loves the most about Kalani is that they are very similar individuals, personality wise. He also stated that the mother of two makes him feel good about himself. He promised the fans to treat her right, like a queen, and then he finished the Q&A by answering other fans' questions which were directed to him only.

While Kalani and Dallas are still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship, Asuelu appears to be still single.