Jen bashes her ex Rishi and reveals the real reason why they broke up

 A couple of days ago, Rishi Singh added a public announcement post on his personal Instagram profile, in which, he confessed to the 90 day fiancĂ© fans that he and Jen Boecher are no longer together, while assuring everyone that the breakup was mutual. Things could've ended peacefully after Rishi's post, however, Jen didn't let that happen. The 48 year old was actually surprised by the announcement, and decided to spill the tea by telling the world what really happened between her and her Indian former fiancĂ©.

It was clear on The Other Way season 4 that Rishi's mom was never going to let him get married to an older foreign woman who can't bear children. Before going back to the US, Jen broke up with Rishi, and then, she called him a mama's boy on the tell all episodes. All of that however didn't stop her from giving him another chance, after he allegedly kept calling her and her family members, while crying and begging for her forgiveness.

On her recent Instagram live stream, Jen told her fans that Rishi's mutual breakup announcement was a "BS". She then warned the ladies whom Rishi is currently texting on Instagram, and told them that her ex likes the attention, and loves being on TV. She also added that Rishi will gladly be on another season of the show and its spin offs if the opportunity arises. Jen bashes her ex Rishi and reveals the real reason why they broke up đź’” #90dayfiance #90dayfiancetheotherway #90dayfiancenews #90dayfiancetea ♬ original sound - 90dayfiance news and gossips
Jen questioned Rishi's declaration, which implied that the pair would remain as platonic friends after their peaceful split. She stated that they are not friends but acquaintances at this point. She then claimed that she was the one who ended her relationship with Rishi because she had fallen out of love with him. And to expose her ex even more, Jen said that Rishi tried to get her back for a few months, but she kept saying no.

From the same Instagram live stream and Q&A session that Jen hosted last night, we also learned that Rishi was talking smack about her to other TLC cast members, which made her feel betrayed. Jen asserted that Rishi called her recently, and told her about a new woman who was going to visit him in India. If everything goes well, Rishi and the mystery woman may get engaged and try out to be cast on 90 Day Fiancé.