Holly breaks her NDA and reveals why she went back to the US and left Wayne in South Africa

 After Mary and Kimberley, now it was Holly's turn to spoil her story line on the other way season 5, and to reveal what she's been up to, since she finished filming for the show. Currently, Holly is not in South Africa. She went back to the United States alone without Wayne, and she broke her NDA by sharing this information while her season is still being aired. The American also revealed why she left Wayne in South Africa, and also answered other fans' questions under her social media posts.

On the show, Holly Weeks wanted Wayne Cornish to come with her to the United States, because she hated her life in South Africa. The 44 year old had been married twice before meeting Wayne on a dating app for Jehovah's Witnesses. Holly relocated to Johannesburg and brought her mother Judy along for the wedding, which took place a week after her arrival. Wayne had kept Holly informed of his financial situation and confessed to her that he was in debt and broke, because his clients' list was declining. That didn't deter Holly from marrying him. However, she is now regretting her actions, because being broke and living in unsafe country were not part of her life's plans.

When asked to move to the US, Wayne was concerned about how he would make money there, because his visa would not allow him to work for a set period of time. He didn't want Holly to look after him because it was against his culture, instead, he wanted Holly to adjust to life in South Africa. Holly stated that she couldn't take it any longer due to her feeling not safe and anxious everyday. The pair intended to remain in South Africa regardless of what occurred. In one of her recent Insatgram posts, Holly edited and posted a video that reveals many moments from the past 3 years of her life. In the comments' section of the post, a fan asked:" Are you not in SA anymore? I thought you and Wayne made an amazing couple", to that Holly answered:" I’m in America for a funeral".

Meanwhile, Wayne who's still living in South African has deactivated his Instagram account to avoid breaching his TLC contract, by mistakenly releasing spoilers in the comments section, when answering the fans' questions. Leaving his social media accounts could be also a sign, than Holly and Wayne broke up and are no longer together.