Daniele reveals why she left Yohan and moved to Florida

 Many 90 day fiancé fans were sure that Daniele Gates has split from her Husband Yohan Geronimo, since the events of the tell all episodes of The Other Way season 4. The former couple being cast again on the fifth season of the show was just a business transaction, which is going to help both boosting their online presence, and get some extra money on the side. Daniele isn't even in the Dominican Republic anymore. She actually moved to Florida without her husband, and was spotted alone and with other fellow cast members of the show by many 90 day fiancé fans.

One of Daniele Gates' most recent Instagram posts suggests that she is not with her husband anymore. Yohan's home country, the Dominican Republic, is where the two first met a few years ago. The American fell in love with the Dominican man quickly, and managed to be cast on the spin off show Love in Paradise: The Caribbean. Daniele and Yohan got married back in November 2021, intending to create a wonderful future together. However, they both had different expectations of one another, which led to marital problems. Throughout their storyline on the spin-off, the pair broke up  several times.

A week ago, Daniele posted an Instagram reel, which was Geographically tagged in Florida. While the post was related to her online holistic wellness coaching, most of the people in the comments section were asking about her relationship with Yohan. One of the fans accused her of being a scammer and she wrote:" It’s clear they were BOTH using each other… she knew exactly what she signed up for going to the Dominican Republic and marrying a young very poor man…. she did what the “ passport bros ” do but in reverse", while another noticed the Geo tagging on the post and she asked:" Why does it say Florida? Are no longer in DR? ". To that comment Daniele answered:" I'm taking care of my grandmother".

Instead of personally attacking Daniele for her actions in a fake and scripted drama on a reality tv show, people should praise her for giving time of her life to help her old grandmother, who happens to live in Florida.

Many of Daniele's other Instagram posts, also prove that she is now in the United States. Not so long ago, she met fellow castmate Julio Moya in New York City. She most recently appeared alongside Gabe Paboga and Jen Boecher at a Pride event in Florida. Gabe thanked everyone who came by posting a photo of himself, Jen, and Daniele from the big day.