Cleo is asking her fans for a sum of $43k USD

 Cleo Corraine from before the 90 days season 6 has been struggling financially after her season ended. Being a trans woman doesn't come cheap, beside her rent and groceries, the 32 years has a lot of payments to make. Cleo has to pay for her hormone replacement and voice therapy continuously. She also wants to finally get her gender affirming surgeries done so she can complete her transition into a woman, but that can be costly, which is why she started a GoFundMe campaign in which she's asking her fans for a sum of 35.000 British pounds.

Cleo reached out to her fans on Instagram, and explained to them why she's in need for their financial support to realize her 30 year long dream. The reality tv trans cast member wrote:" The cost of gender affirming surgeries, endocrinologist visits to enhance my hormone replacement therapy, voice therapy and laser hair removal has been financially out of reach for me.", she then added:" I’ve explored every option available to me and tried tirelessly to afford transitioning for over a decade, but the emotional and financial toll has become overwhelming. Depression has set in, and I am struggling to envision a future where I can truly be myself. My dream is simple: to move forward with my life and live authentically as the woman I know I am meant to be! But this dream feels out of reach without the financial means to undergo gender confirmation procedures".

Many of Cleo fans immediately got her message, and went to her GoFundMe page to donate and help her reach her life goal. So far, the fans donated around 5000 British pounds and more new donations are coming every day.

Despite her fame as a reality TV star, Cleo confessed that she has been struggling to make ends meet. Furthermore, Cleo is unable to work due to her mental health disorders and disabilities, which include gender dysphoria, autism, ADHD, and PTSD. Her work performance has been deemed unsatisfactory, resulting in her termination from several jobs. Christian' ex has been spotted modeling on several online shopping websites by 90 Day Fiancé fans, however, it's not possible to make a living modeling, unless you are a top model working continuously with those big fashion companies.