Christian was spotted with a new woman not so long after his split from Cleo

 Christian Allgood appears to have moved on so fast on after his split from Cleo Corraine. Someone filmed him recently in a bar, having fun and flirting with a new woman. The 90 day fiancé fans didn't like what was shown in the video, and accused Christian of harassing a random woman, who was just sitting alone in the bar and minding her own business.

The 31 year old Minnesota resident became popular, after he was part of before the 90 days season 6, with his Transgender girlfriend Cleo. Christian loved Cleo and tried to make the relationship work, despite Cleo not having her Gender-affirming surgery done yet. At the end, he couldn’t handle being with a trans woman, and to make it even worse, instead getting to know Cleo better during his trip to the United Kingdom, he spent most of his time at bars flirting with random women.

Recently, a Redditor shared a video of Christian dancing awkwardly in a bar, and flirting with a random woman. The post was titled: "Christian talking to women when he shouldn't, yet again." The video showed Christian approaching a random woman and then getting comfortable with her.

Christian talking to women when he shouldn't, yet again.
byu/evebluedream in90dayfianceuncensored

Christian was seen opening his arms and leaning toward the woman to talk in her ear. But before that, there was a segment of the video which showed him dancing confidently and carelessly like a "Fortnite kid". Christian appeared to be much happier than when he appeared on 90 Day Fiancé with Cleo. He's an extrovert who loves to drink, party and have a good time while talking to random woman. Dating Cleo exclusively has put chains on him and prevented him from being himself.

The fan video demonstrated that Christian has already reverted to his former habits. While some 90 Day Fiancé fans believed he was actually in love with Cleo, the clip suggests otherwise. Most people who lose their partners may find it difficult to move on, especially men. People take months, if not years, to feel somewhat normal after ending a serious relationship. It appears that the American reality star was trying to avoid a potential backlash from the viewers and his fellow cast members. That's why he didn't want to hurt Cleo and break up with her before or on the tell all episodes, instead, he waited for their season to end, and then asked Cleo to publicly announce their break up on her personal Instagram account.