After split from Big Ed, Liz was spotted on a date night with a mystery man

 Liz Woods, who was recently on 90 Day The Last Resort, with her now husband Big Ed Brown, was spotted on a date night with a mystery man, amid hers and big Ed's split rumors.

Liz was minding her own business, and working in a restaurant in San Diego as the manager, until one day, Big Ed came in and asked her out. Her biggest mistake was to give the reality tv star a chance. Since the pair started dating, they both developed an eating disorder and started to have drinking problems, which led to them breaking up over 13 times, in less than 2 years.

Big Ed and Liz never publicly share an update about their relationship, due to their Non-disclosure agreements with TLC. Nosy 90 day fiancé fans, who love to keep up with the reality tv stars will have to count on other fans of the show, who may spot and take photos of the couple in public places.

It was revealed this week, that Big Ed was back to using dating apps, and many of the show fans spotted his verified and active dating profile on Bumble. At the same time, Liz is also going out on dates with other men. Recently, she posted an Instagram story from her date night with a mystery man, and from the look at the story post, it's easy to tell that her date was not Big Ed.

Liz used the boomerang filter on her Instagram story, and she was seen clinking cocktail glasses with someone who actually has a neck. She took care to conceal the man's face at the table in front of her because of her NDA with TLC. Liz and her mystery date appeared to be having cheesy fries and t*quila sh0ts with matching m@rgaritas on their date night.