3 months after getting married to Liz, Big Ed was caught cheating on her

 The couple therapy sessions which Big Ed and Liz experienced on 90 Day The Last Resort were a success, and it helped them understand each others better. As a result, the couple got married on the 29th of August, which was  after they finished filming for the new spin off show. Old Habits in Adults usually never die, and since Big Ed and Liz are both drama queens, no one really expected their marriage to last. As a matter of fact, Big Ed was recently spotted on a date night with another woman who was not Liz. Not only that, but a week ago, some 90 day fiancé fans were surprised to see his active profile on dating apps.

Big Ed and Liz had broken up 13 times if not more, by the time they were cast for 90 Day: The Last Resort. Surprisingly, couples therapy appeared to be effective for them, at least for a couple of months. The pair was possibly the least dramatic couple in the first season of the new spin off show. Those who saw them on screen thought they really had a chance of making their relationship work this time. On the 29th of August 2023, the couple got married in a small and secret ceremony in front of close family members and friends, in Bentonville, Arkansas

3 months later, Big Ed's active dating profile on Bumble was spotted by many 90 day fiancé fans. One of them was the "famous" reality tv writer "Shab00ty", who decided to expose the reality TV star, by sharing a couple of screenshots of his Bumble profile on his X/Twitter account.

The same screenshots were also posted on Reddit, and the post made many of the show fans on the social media platform feeling angry toward Big Ed, while others were just feeling sorry for Liz. A sympathized Redditor commented on the post:" I really hope she moves on from that horrible, horrible man… I’ve never had anything against Liz but I really have developed a soft spot for her on The last resort", while another one added:" He absolutely destroyed her over the past few years. She looks like she aged a decade in 3 or 4 years. I assume heavy drinking trying to forget that she got involved with that piece of d0g sh*t".

A couple of comments under the post suggested that Big Ed's profile on the dating app could be a catfish. Someone could've used his name and pictures to create a fake account of Big Ed, however, that's not the case. Big Ed's profile on Bumble is verified, which confirms that it belongs to him.