Vanessa gives an update about Colt and his new major surgery

 Vanessa Guerra revealed some good news regarding her hubby, who got injured so badly during the filming of the first season of 90 Day The Last Resort.

38 year old Colt from Las Vegas, originally featured in season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé. His biggest mistake was to bring his mentally ill Brazilian fiancée Larissa Lima to America. Colt's marriage to Larissa was a complete disaster, resulting in her arrests a couple of times because of domestic violence. Debbie's son had met Vanessa while still dating Larissa. He then dated another Brazilian woman called Jess Caroline, and he cheated on her with Vanessa.

When Colt and Vanessa started to be exclusive and took dating seriously, they unexpectedly became a 90 Day Fiancé success story. They were part of 90 Days: The Single Life season 1, and when it ended, the couple stayed together to this day. Vanessa currently cares for him as he heals from the horrific trampoline accident that occurred to him, back in December 2022. Since then, Vanessa has been giving updates on his health on her personal Instagram account, while Colt remained silent on all of his social media.

Last month, Vanessa announced that there was a chance Colt will need a fourth surgery. And this week, she has confirmed that the procedure will take place. She posted an Instagram story with Colt standing in front of a surgery scheduling office, and wrote as a captioned which she ended with a love and crossed-fingers emoji:" One more surgery in December and hopefully his last".

After Colt's accident, it was clear that the couple were done with TLC, and they don't plan to film again with the reality tv network for any future seasons.

Colt and Vanessa's social media profiles are proving that the pair are done with the Reality TV world all together, and imply that being in front of the public eyes, has hurt their reputation and relationship. Most couples who have been on the 90 day fiancé shows throughout the years, have managed to monetize their 15 minutes of fame. They have a desire for fame, growing their social media followers, find a better job, or start a new business and make money. Colt and Vanessa, on the other hand, do not have the same goals, as evidenced by their social media accounts, where they rarely post. Not only are they less active on Instagram, but they also no longer include 90 Day Fiancé in their biographies. The former 90 Day Fiancé couple does not appear to be willing to reveal their dirty laundry to the public anymore.