This is why Mary is unhappy and wants to disappear

 Mary Demasu-ay from the other way season 5, recently shared a cryptic and depressing Instagram story, that made her social media followers worried about her mental health and wellbeing.

The 23 year old is from Candoni, Philippines, and she met her American boyfriend Brandan Denuccio through an online dating app. The couple had a long distance relationship for 2 years and communicated through video conversations that never halted, even when they were having their private time in the bathroom. Within three months of Brandan relocation to the Philippines, the young couple announced that they were expecting their first child. It was later revealed that Mary gave birth to their first child back in August 2023.

On the other way season 5, Mary and Brandan were having money problems. Both of them were jobless, and even their small shop which they went into debt to open was not profitable. To make the matter worse, it was revealed by Mary on the first week of October  2023, that she was pregnant again. A couple of days after the announcement, the Filipina uploaded a disturbing Instagram story that made the 90 day fiancé fans really worried about her.

In the social media story post, Mary was crying and hiding half of her face under her bed sheets while looking so depressed. She wrote as a caption:" I h@te myself, I h@te myself for overthinking, I don't like how I overthink I don't like being jealous and being insecure. I tried so hard to stop it, but I can't. I wish I'm not me. I understand why all people h@te me I h@te myself too. And I'm sorry for being me. I wish I'm not me".

The caption gave the impression that Mary was not worried about her financial situation or about having a second baby. It was about her jealousy and the insecurities that result from it. We think that she caught Brandan looking or talking to other females, and that's why she went into panic mode again.

Mary's jealousy was the main reason why the couple kept on video conversations 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The young Filipina despises the idea of seeing her man being around women, and she even ended their relationship when she discovered he was sitting next to a female passenger on his flight to the Philippines. During a church service, Mary forbade Brandan from looking at the other females, who were near them praying and minding their own business. Everyone thought that Mary will stop being crazy jealous, once she starts living with Brandan in the Philippines, however, it seems like old bad habits don't just go away by themselves, and Mary will have to go therapy, once she and Brandan get their finances in order.