This is why Mary is devastated and wants to disappear

 Mary Demasu-ay is feeling so upset after she saw a meme about her, which was made by a 90 day fiancé fan. The young Filipina is already suffering from depression and mental instability. It didn't help her conditions that she's been part of a very popular reality TV show, that has some hardcore fans, who love to meme and make fun of the cast members.

23 year old Mary is still new to the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, and she didn't expect to receive a lot of hate and criticism online from the viewers. Mary's insecure and very jealous personality did not resonate well with 90 Day Fiancé fans. Her appearance became a topic of discussion online, with memes created regarding Mary's sour facial expressions, which the viewers claim have become permanent fixtures on her face.

Two days ago, Mary saw on the internet a meme, that was a little bit racist. She took a screenshot of it and later uploaded it on her Instagram Story, admitting that she is now depressed as a result of all the internet bullying. On the offensive meme repost, Mary wrote as a caption:"  Hope you guys are happy now bullying someone's physical appearance and making fun of them. I know I'm not pretty and thank you for reminding me that always. I hope you guys are happy now that I'm suffering from depression and crying everyday nonstop. You guys won thank you so much".

When Mary and Brandan became pregnant, their romance quickly faded. Mary has always been a miserable person, even before, but after Brandan moved to the Philippines and got her pregnant, she started to have a manic depression episode. The Filipina revealed that they had been trying to conceive since they met, because she wanted to devote her all to him. Brandan, on the other hand, recognized he wasn't ready for parenthood, especially since the couple didn't have a steady source of income.

What made things even worse for her is that Brandan has started to act like a bum, since his arrival to the Philippines. The young American spends his days playing video games on his phone, argues with Mary on a regular basis, and then leaves his house and take long naps outside, on some random benches and stones in the village. The couple's squabbles became the news of the village, bringing shame on Mary's old grandparents. On social media, Mary was accused of being manipulative. The 90 day fiancé fans blamed her for emotionally abusing Brandan, by tricking him into having a baby with her too fast, before they spend enough time together at first to see if they were compatible or not.