This is why Jibri and Miona broke up

 It's been a while since the 90 day fiancé fans got any news from Jibri and Miona. The young couple was part of 90 day fiancé season 9, and after their season ended, they managed to move from South Dakota to California. Since then, Miona has been focused on growing her ponytail business, while Jibri was still trying to make it as an independent artist. The couple's future looked so promising, however, based on their recent social media activities, it looks like the pair is no longer together.

Jibri met Miona for the first time in Serbia, where he was performing with his band "The Black Serbs". Young Miona was working as a Makeup artist, and she had always dreamed of moving to Los Angeles, which is why the couple decided to get married, and move to the United States together. What they didn't reveal on the show is that Jibri and Miona were already married in Serbia, but they had their wedding the US.

Back in June 2023, the couple posted photos from their trip to Hawaii to celebrate Miona's birthday. Miona had shared photos of herself and Jibri from Maui, where they were dressed in color-coordinated ivory ensembles. Surprisingly, the pictures have now been archived or deleted from both of their Instagram accounts. Not only that, but the former reality tv cast members removed all of their pictures together from their social media accounts, which started the rumor of their break up.

According to their Instagram activities, Jibri and Miona are not even in the same country right now. Jibri is now on holiday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, while Miona's recent Instagram posts were geographically tagged in Palm Springs, California

It's true that Miona is financially independent and has her own thing going on, but this doesn't mean that she will be happy with a man who can't support himself. Jibri music gigs do not provide a stable income, and Miona is probably tired of being the breadwinner in the relationship.

It's impressive how Miona has managed to turn her 15 min of fames into a successful ponytail business. In general, most women prefer to be with a man who makes more money than them, which could be the reason why the young couple is not on the same page anymore.