This is why Christian waited till after the tell all episodes to break up with Cleo

 Cleo from before the 90 days season 6, recently shared a heartbreaking news regarding her relationship with Christian. The transgender reality tv star confessed that she and Christian are no longer together. Cleo also wrote a long caption on her social media post to explain why they broke up, however, she was respectful and didn't bash her ex in any way. Cleo's post was supposed to bring a closure and peace to her relationship with Christian, in a way that the 90 day fiancé fans won't have to take sides, however, this breaking up was clearly initiated by Christian, and Cleo's post didn't mention what really happened.

32 year old Cleo is an Italian model who lives and study in London. She was having a long distance relationship with her American boyfriend Christian, until one day he decided to fly and visit her in the UK, while being part of before the 90 days season 6. Cleo's gender identity was a stumbling block in her recent relationship. Also, many members from Christian's family will never accept Cleo, and this relationship couldn't survive, unless Christian cut off most of his big family to side with Cleo. The American was so hesitant to show public affection, while going out on dates with his trans girlfriend, and he was even shy to admit to the camera and to the millions of people watching the show that he had s*x with Cleo.

Yesterday, Cleo went to Instagram to express her sadness about her breakup with Christian. The trans model confessed that a lot of fans have been asking her, about whether she's still with Christian or not, and she decided that it's time to tell the truth. Cleo stated that she's no longer with Christian because of the complexities of having a long distance relationship, while being in front of the public eyes. She respectfully asked everyone to quit digging into her personal life, and to respect her and Christian's privacy during this hard time.

Cleo added that she doesn't regret knowing Christian, while implying that they really were in love. She explained that their relationship was never going to work, because it was painful for both. At the end, she wished Christian the best, and then begged her fans to not be hateful toward her former boyfriend.

While Cleo was trying to be diplomatic in her last post, Christian didn't add anything to the topic. It was revealed during the show, that the female members of Christian's family were more open minded, and immediately accepted Cleo. However, the men of his family were the issue. They are Trump supporters and not so friendly toward the LGBTQ+ people, which means that Christian could never bring Cleo to a family gathering or a thanksgiving dinner, because things could go south really fast in such situation.

Christian was also having a hard time being with a trans woman in public. When he was dating Cleo, it felt like he was experimenting his limits. Not only that, but the American wasn't even trying to be exclusive with Cleo. He started flirting with a woman in the airplane, before meeting Cleo at the airport, and also tried to start conversations with random women in the UK. When other cast members called him out for being a flirt during the tell all, Christian said that he's an extrovert who loves to meet new people where ever he goes, while implying that it was not his fault that half of the world population are women. Obviously, Christian is a compulsive liar and he's full of sh*t, because, why else would he try to propose to Cleo during the tell all, in front of everyone, and then breaks up with her a couple of weeks later.

The American was always going to break up with Cleo, it was just a matter of when. He didn't want to leave her before the tell all episodes, because other cast members would judge him and start criticizing him. He was hoping that everyone will forget about him, weeks after his season ended, which is why the split happened now and not before.