This how Jibri is coping with his breakup with Miona

 Jibri Bell spent the month of October visiting many Asian countries, where he was hoping to find his inner peace, after his split from his Serbian wife Miona. Upon his arrival to Thailand, the music artist made a shocking transformation, that made his social media followers worried about his mental health and wellbeing.

After season 9 of 90 day fiancé ended, Jibri and Miona moved together in Palm Springs, California. However, at the moment, only Miona is staying there, while Jibri is in Thailand getting his head and eyebrows shaved. Jibri's new style surprised many of his fans, who didn't stop asking him about his wife Miona, on every new Instagram post he uploads.

One fan reacted to Jibri's most recent Instagram reel from his Vipassana center and wrote: "Shaving your head and eyebrows is very extreme though. You looked great before!". The fan made this remark to Jibri, while asking him to seek spirituality in a Christian church. Jibri wasn't offended by the fan's comment, and this is what he wrote to him as a reply: "I shaved my eyebrows as a symbol of renunciation of worldly ego and fashion".


Jibri also confessed how he was accustomed all of his life to wearing fancy clothing, cologne, and jewelry. He hoped that others would notice and compliment him on his appearance. He was someone who people would recognize from social media or television. "Chasing fame and fortune as I run around America in circles searching for more possessions and power." Jibri went on to say. "I have never in my life felt as light and free as I do now." He added.

A lot of 90 days fiancé fans were still stubborn, and didn't want to give up on their mission to find out what was going on between him and Miona, so they kept asking the former reality tv star the same question. Jibri insisted that he and Miona are "still together" without adding any other information. Miona was the first who fueled suspicions of a breakup with Jibri via her Instagram. The Young Serbian removed all of her pictures and videos with Jibri off her feed, including their wedding posts. Right now, both of their Instagram profiles have no posts of them together. Miona and Jibri's current locations appear to be a symbol of their separation as well. As we mentioned before, Jibri has been traveling around Asia, and he admitted that he was unsure about when he will fly back to the United States.